Hope for the girl child is a program that reaches out to teen mothers and vulnerable girls and by providing sanitary towels to the unreached girls, education and advocating for their rights

Our main goal

To restore the dignity of our girls in the society, to identify the needs and meet the aspiration of the girl child through participatory approaches.

Vision :

Restoring the dignity of the girl child in the society


Through education, capacity building and mentorship of the girl child we hope to restore the dignity of the girl child.



Thousands of girls are dropping out of school during menstruation due to lack of sanitary towels. Many of the girls lack access to clean underwear which affects their self esteem.


We educate teenage girls on the impact of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), HIV/AIDS and early pregnancies and also support teen mothers by giving counseling,


We reach out to girls living in the streets in urban areas since they are vulnerable to rape and exploitation. Some of the girls reside with their children on the streets. We give counseling, make referrals to rescue


This is a campaign to abolish female genital mutilation (FGM) and early child marriages in areas where these practices are prevalent. We raise awareness on dangers and


Nothing can stop change and time. Each day we are growing from one stage to another and time is also moving and we are growing to adulthood. We take adolescent girls

Our news

What is happening in the Hope for the Girl Child Africa 

My Story

I was raised in a poor environment where no one cared for the girl. I grew up seeing young girls being sexually abused, with many of them turning to drug and substance abuse and prostitution in exchange for money. Having become a mature woman, the Lord laid it in my heart to reach out to younger girls and give them mentorship from wherever they were. I also wanted to support them with sanitary towels to ensure none of them struggled during menstruation. I joined United Africa for Children and this dream has come to pass. I have got opportunities to have health and mentorship talks with more than 300 girls and mobilized sanitary towels which were later disbursed to them. Many teen mothers have decided to continue with their studies while others have adopted to learn technical skills in order to earn a living due to their engagement in this program.