Teen And Single Mothers Project

We educate teenage girls on the impact of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), HIV/AIDS and early pregnancies and also support teen mothers by giving counseling, mentorship, re-integration to schools and psychosocial support.

These are teen mothers who got children at the age of 12 to 20years. We seek to engage the single mothers in different activities that challenge their minds and acquire skills to earn a livelihood e.g. technical and hands on skills, mental health programs and also encourage the young mothers to continue with their studies.

 Hands on skills

They are taught how to professionally make customized items by weaving, knitting and baking among others.

Mental health program

Most single and teen mothers carry wounds from the past which hinder their progress in life while some sink into depression. We provide counseling and therapy sessions in order to restore their dignity and confidence.

Literacy program

This program seeks to support the teen mothers who opt out of the school system and want to focus on their talents and areas of passion. We encourage them to enroll in vocational schools and learn short courses like mechanics, computer packages, beauty and hair dressing among others.