About us

Hope for the girl child is registered as a CBO in Kenya and is a program of United Africa for Children (UAFC).  This is an independent membership organization that is non-political, non-religious and non-profit.

The project reaches out to teen mothers and vulnerable girls and by providing sanitary towels to the unreached girls, education and advocating for their rights

Our main goal is to restore the dignity of our girls in the society, to identify the needs and meet the aspiration of the girl child through participatory approaches. This involves building the capacity of local groups and strengthening the development of villages to establish projects that sustain their livelihood and empower them to support their girls and boys to live a purpose driven life.

We encourage and value community based interventions since through these processes, community members are empowered to establish a self-reliant and sustainable environment where girls and boys will grow to be a responsible adults.

We educate the community on the importance of educating their children especially the girls since this will protect them from being exposed to poverty, early marriages, drug and substance abuse, economic and health risks. This will therefore break the cycle of poverty especially in hard to reach and marginalized communities where we target our efforts.

We also empower the girls and boys to understand their rights and responsibilities through holding talks and mentorship classes.


Restoring the dignity of the girl child in the society


Through education, capacity building and mentorship of the girl child we hope to restore the dignity of the girl child.


  • Provide sanitary towels to the unprivileged poor girls in the society
  • Support single mothers to develop sustainable projects for their livelihood
  • To encourage education for the illiterate single mothers and girls in the society
  • Hold campaigns to stop female circumcision and early marriages
  • Support teen mothers to acquire necessary skills and technical expertise
  • Provide rights and gender education for both girls and boys to enhance gender equity


  • R— responsible
  • E— empowered
  • S— sensitive
  • E-— Excellency
  • R-— reliable
  • V— virtues
  • E—engaged
  • D— disciplined